My love of CRAFT.

……..began in the ceramics room.

Fortunate for me my secondary school taught pottery and I relished the term a year I got to indulge in clay.

My choice of further education was clear….I was accepted into the ‘Peninsula School of Art’

Monash University B.A CRAFT in 1994. They offered Both Metal & Glass but Clay was for me.

In 1997, I completed my honours.

In 1999, A Diploma of Education and I left my professional practice behind.

Forward to 2014…and the birth of my second child. I decided it was now or never and I slowly began to bridge the gap of 20 years and make friends with clay again.

To now….the close of 2017 and I look back to what I have achieved in the past 3 years. I feel I have bridged the gap and are now ready to produce a cohesive, resolved body of work in 2018.

This blog will be about my clay practice.

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