Black Stoneware Pot.

A small wheel thrown vessel, decorated with black porcelain slip.

Inspired by the ‘Beaker’ tradition of the Neolithic/ Bronze Age.

….and they can also hold big beautiful blooms.

What a difference can be achieved with a change in context for each photograph.

How does a background and addition of flowers change the focus for this pot?

From Ancient to ‘Old Dutch Master’ inspired?

How different does it look with a white background?

Contemporary use of materials with a traditional black pottery form.

The use of photographic conventions does make a difference to your work?

Which look…appeals the most?

When does the photography mean more than the work itself?

If someone said ‘the photo does not do the work justice’ is that better than…’it looked great in photographs’?

How does one keep a discerning eye?

Or is it not important?

Is it ‘smoke and mirrors’ ….a bit ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’?

Is it an art form beyond the pot?

Is the pot relevant?

What is the Art your selling? What does the buyer get?

Personally the images of the pot with the black background, says the most to me.

It is more inline with what I hoped the Pot embraced?

X Philippa

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