A Tea Cup

The humble ‘Tea cup’ is a feat of engineering if your want your vessel to be as ‘usable’ as possible.

The Tea cup is to be held in your hand, cupping the warmth or by finger using the handle.

Comfort and ease of use is paramount here.

The form easy to cup in the hand.

Handle large enough to accomodate the finger easily.

Size of the cup is important, the user wants a satisfying amount of tea to drink.

Most cups hold between 200 – 300 mls of liquid.

The lip or rim of the vessel should be compatible for lip touch….I like my rim fine.

Visual appeal and clay choice and overall aesthetic is the choice of the maker….but it should entice and engage the user.

With all this in mind……..and after 20 odds year since I last made one.

I made a tea cup.

Wheel thrown stoneware and porcelain with pink slip detail and inlay decoration.

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