The Australian Triennale May 1-4 , Hobart, Tasmania.

When the Triennale was announced in 2017, I knew I wanted to attend.

I bought an early bird ticket and never dreamed I’d be in the position in my clay career to exhibit. I just wanted to be there.

Now it’s 7 days to go and I’m showing my works in two exhibitions spaces.

Very grateful for this opportunity.

‘Vignettes’ 24hr, Window Display.

Hunter St, Sullivan’s Cove, Hobart.

University of Tasmania School of Creative Arts & Media.

These ‘Ceramic Tassels’ hanging sculptures are the culmination of a study of traditional wheel work and a passion for textiles.

There a union of materials, that connects the hard with the soft, the malleable and yielding with the intractable and rigid.

A harmonious outcome, when these two materials are in accordance, is a beautiful thing.

The tassels are made from gritty stoneware, porcelain, linen, silk, paper and cotton.

Endemic Earth’

Kingborough Community Hub, Kingston, Hobart, Tasmania.

I said to my lecturer once….I just want to make beautiful things.

He agreed, pots are beautiful things.

My works for ‘Endemic Earth’ responds to our native flora as adornments, decorations to embellish my wheel thrown vessels.

Taking cues from their colour, forms, texture and structures, and more specifically the leaf of the ‘Celery Top Pine’ indigenous to Tasmania, I seek to highlight the beauty of our natural world in a unique and contemporary way.


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