Fire, Ash, Rebirth. 2020

A ceramic wall installation of torus forms.

Fire, Ash, Rebirth 2020

Fire, Ash, Rebirth is a work created in response to the bushfire season of 2019/20.

Hand carved relief decoration of a Coastal Banksia nestled in a ring of midfire stoneware.
A ouroboros a symbol of renewal.
A Coastal Banksia Bud….starting to bloom.
Perfectly inlayed porcelain rings define the stoneware torus forms.

A ceramic wall installation made in response to the recent bushfire season of 2019/2020. Each wheelthrown hand carved porcelain components is surrounded or surrounds a wheelthrown stoneware torus. 

The work reflects the devastation we all felt witnessing & hearing the unfolding news stories on our T.V and social media. Helplessly watching whole communities, national parks swamped by fire, ash and smoke. 

This work represents hope. Hope for the renewal of the decimated bushland, in the form of an ouroboros, an ancient symbol of the eternal cycle of renewal. The Coastal Banksia starting to bloom, regenerating seedpod in relief are all new beginnings.

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