Exhibition Work

Endemic Earth, Tasmania.2019
I Walk The Line- Clunes Ceramic Award 2019.

My exhibition work is an ‘unfolding story’.

My wheelthrown vessels and wall sculptures are a canvas to contrast the pure qualities of contemporary porcelain, its whiteness with notes of vintage 70’s stoneware, gritty clays, slips and oxide washes.

My work heavily relies on an investigation into relief decoration such as used in Jasperware, intaglio and carved surfaces.

My themes of my work have notes from the following starting points:

  • Natural Forms- Inspired by botanical and aquatic inspired protrusions.
  • Artefacts & Archeology- Forms and mark making of Ancient Pots.
  • Textile Design- Knots, weave, loops and stitches.
  • Modernist Design- British Studio Pottery Tradition.
  • The Feminine- The union of hard and soft, strength & fragility, motherhood.


Dolly 2019
Banksiere 2019